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The Matchstick Fleet_ Amazing!

A friend sent me a link to a website I was unfamiliar with. It’s the Internet Craftsmanship Museum page on a fellow by the name of Philip Warren. The title of Mr. Warren’s page is The Matchstick Fleet. Mr. Warren has constructed over 450 ships using only matchsticks and matchboxes for his models. He started […]

Broadside, 1812

As a kid I had a board game called Broadside. Broadside was a naval game based on the War of 1812. It was published in 1962 by Milton Bradley. It was part of a series that included a game on the American Civil War called Battle Cry and a WW1 flying game called Dogfight. Each […]

USS Wisconsin’s Birthday!

I found out today that the USS Wisconsin (named for my State) is 66 years old today. 68 years young and still as beautiful as ever. Commissioning pamphlet from the Philadelphia Navy Yard, April 16 1944. Small print reads “Displacement 52,000 tons at full load; length 880 feet, beam 108 feet, draft 36 feet, according […]