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A Centurion Goes Down Fighting

First Legion, 60mm Roman Centurion To the left is a picture from the First Legion website of the latest addition to my miniatures collection. It was a Christmas gift my son and daughter-in-law. My other Roman figures from the period represented are from King and Country and they are fine figures, but frankly this Centurion […]

Ghost Romans in Britain

Sometimes you just have to post fun stuff! Because of my interest in Roman military history I’ll just run a Google search for various terms and then wade deep into the search to see what turns up. This link kind of cracked me up. It’s from a British Ghost website-a website that documents British ghost […]

The Eagle

A few weeks ago my wife and I attended the opening of the movie The Eagle. We rarely go to the theater and prefer to wait for stuff to come out on DVD or Roadrunner. For The Eagle however I wanted to see it on the big screen. Although it would not have been my […]