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Doughboys Arrive in Great Britain 1917

The US entered World War One in April of 1917 but it would take a year before the doughboys arrived in numbers to make a difference in France. At the start of the war the US Army was tiny but by the end of hostilities on November 11th, 1918 over 4 million men had volunteered […]

A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

I’m not a particular fan of Twitter. I guess I don’t like counting characters. One of the things I do like is the incredible array of historical pictures one can find there through your follows. This one below popped up in my feed today. The picture symbolizes (to me anyway) the alliance the US and […]

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

One of the “fun” aspects in paging through wartime magazines like the Picture Post is reading the advertisements. Many have a wartime flavor to them which is no surprise. But what is interesting to me is the sacrifice being made to win the war. We think it’s a hardship to run out of coffee when […]

Mr. Madison’s War

Brief follow-up to my post on the War of 1812. The War of 1812 was sometimes known as Mr.Madison’s War because he was President when we declared war on Britain. In those days Congress had to declare war, not so much anymore. Madison feared giving the executive branch of government too much power just as […]

Ghost Romans in Britain

Sometimes you just have to post fun stuff! Because of my interest in Roman military history I’ll just run a Google search for various terms and then wade deep into the search to see what turns up. This link kind of cracked me up. It’s from a British Ghost website-a website that documents British ghost […]


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