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Wrigley Field

I was here yesterday with my friend Matt Henry. It’s a historic park and has an old-fashioned baseball feel to it. I highly recommend it to baseball fans. Sadly, our Brewers lost and it was ugly. Advertisements

Band of Brothers_Baseball Scene

With baseball season about to start I happened to think of ¬†one my favorite scenes from Band of Brothers. It’s the baseball scene where the men of Easy Company learn of the end of the war. The narrator is their former Lieutenant Winters who briefly describes what happened to his surviving men after the war. […]

Father’s Day, Milwaukee Braves,

I was riding home from vacation and tuned in the Milwaukee Brewer’s Game. They were getting killed by the Boston Red Sox 12-3. Never-the-less, it made me think of when I first was interested in baseball and its connection with my dad. It seemed appropriate since today is Father’s Day. I must have been about […]