Connecting History with Miniature War-games

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I started wargaming with miniature figures in the 1960s while in High School. In those days the only figures we had were in HO scale and made by Airfix. World War 2 was our favorite era and the tanks for war-games were provided by Roco Minitanks.


Airfix 8th Army, 1960’s

By the early to mid 1970’s our interests had expanded to the Napoleonic period, the American War of Independence. the American Civil War and our first games that featured metal figures by Minifigs (Miniature Figurines UK) in the 2nd Punic War period.

By the late 1980’s I had a massive collection when I suddenly lost interest for various reasons and sold it off. In time I lost contact with my wargame buddies as well.

I began to regret it and truly missed the painting of the figures, the historical research and the camaraderie of a wargame club.

I had not totally stopped gaming since my son was interested. Since I did not have figures our gaming consisted of the WW2 game titled MEM44 by Richard Borg. MEM44 is a combination board miniature game that we played whenever we had a chance.

My son who was quite young when I dropped out of  gaming chanced upon running into one of the old gaming friends at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2014. From their we regained contact and I started painting and gaming again with him and another friend that I had lost contact with. The name of the club is the Last Man Club and is a reference to the group we were originally part of back in High School. To the best of our knowledge we are the only ones left still gaming with miniatures (1\72nd plastic figures for the most part.)


The figures in the background are original Airfix Britons and the figures in the foreground are Zvezda.

I started another blog to chronicle our activities and I’m choosing to link it here in case any one is interested.  Below are samples from the Last Man Club.

Faesule 225 BC (Roman\Celt War)

Vespasian Crosses the Medway

Historical DBA Ancient Battle 2nd Punic War

Stauponnen, East Prussia 1914

Zulu War, 1879 Scenario


The Battle of Ox Hill-American Civil War

The Battle of Gela, Sicily, 1943

Classic Airfix Figures for the American Civil War

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