Holocaust Remembrance Day_Ideas Matter

Holocaust Remembrance Day_Ideas Matter

Yesterday Holocaust Remembrance Day began and it ends tonight. This link will take to you the history of the day as well as 20 facts associated with the Holocaust. Even a quick read will illustrate the magnitude of what the Holocaust was. I was reminded of Holocaust Remembrance Day by an article in the New […]

Wisconsin National Guard Behaving Badly

Wisconsin National Guard Behaving Badly

My dad was proud of military service in WW2. Before he passed away he asked me to get an honor guard for his funeral which I did when he died in 2006. The men that showed up to fire the salute and hand me the flag were professional and courteous. The squad leader gave me […]

The Medium is the Message

Interesting article today popped up on Drudge that linked to The Holly Reporter. The article gave information as to how Hollywood helped Hitler and the Nazis after the Nazis rise to power in 1933 The “little story” is how for business purposes Hollywood caved to Nazi pressure to show Nazism (and Germany) in a favorable […]

Oh, Oh, Toy Soldiers with Guns

I confess to being just a little steamed. I just read where some hair-brained school administrator in Michigan stricken with the horrifying disease of liberal wussification did not allow some little boy to put toy soldiers on the cup cakes he brought to school. Why may you ask? Well, toy soldiers have guns and guns […]

Soldier’s Manual – Charles Payne – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary – Page 1

I know next to nothing about art in general let alone Renaissance Art and a German artist by the name of Durer. So, I found this article both informative and intriguing as Mr. Payne connects the Renaissance art to modern times. Excellent piece of writing. Soldier’s Manual – Charles Payne – Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists […]

Link to New {other} Blog

Church, State, Faith and Culture I’ve started another blog titled above to better categorize my interests.  Check it out if it appears to interest you.

Psychotropic Drugs and Guns

As some of my readers know I am a pastor and biblical counselor by profession. I am not a psychologist nor a medical doctor. The counsel that a biblical counselor gives comes from the Word of God, hence the biblical in biblical counselor. Frequently however the biblical counselor works with people who are on psychotropic […]


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