I feel like a chicken sandwich, how about you?

I’m going to go out of my way for a chicken sandwich this week.

Yes, that’s right, out of my way. And I’m not going to MacDonalds for one, although I like them and the nearest MacDonald’s is only 1/2 mile away.

And I’m not going to Arby’s for one either, even though they make a great chicken sandwich and are only 1 mile from my house.

Nope, I’m going to go 15 miles for my chicken sandwich because that’s where the nearest Chick-fil-A is located.

Chick-Fil-A's signature chicken sandwich

Looks pretty good to me. Chick-Fil-A’s signature chicken sandwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided that only way to fight the intolerance of the left in general and the gay left in particular is to go out of my way to support businesses they don’t like.

I really do not care how the left wants to define marriage. Two guys, two gals, one guy and three gals, three gals and one guy, or four of each or four of the same. I pretty much figure people are going to what they want to do and define it anyway they want to simply because they want to. Carry on, but leave me alone and don’t expect me to pay for your condoms or whatever.

So, carry on, except for this; you don’t get to define marriage for me. You can define it any way you want in your own little world, but not in mine.

I’ve settled on the idea that marriage is between one woman and one man. That’s it.

And apparently, I’m in good company because that’s why you are mad at the owners  of  Chick-fil-A as well as millions of other Americans who do not share your definitions.

It would be nice if you just got over it and let it be, but that would be the mature thing to do. You’d rather have a public hissy fit and see what dopey politicians come to your aid. Frankly, you are annoying  and most Americans with any sense see your hypocrisy and intolerance of those who dare to disagree with you.

So, if you are going to punish those who do not share your values then I’m going to go out of my way to support them, even if I have to go 15 miles for a chicken sandwich.

And all because you can’t let it be.

Hollywood’s War on Chicken

Chicken Run


7 comments on “I feel like a chicken sandwich, how about you?

  1. I supported them through my Chicken sandwich on Friday and my spicy chicken wrap on Saturday. Now I know why they’re closed on Sunday! If the intolerant don’t want to support Chik Fil-A, it just shortens the line ” a little” for me.

  2. Cindy’s Son has made his living by working for Chick-Fil-A for nearly 16 years……Great menu, Their Chickin’ Strips are the best you can imagine, no matter what AOL claims……W’e’ll be eating there this week…..I normally don’t care about Boycotts/Donald Wildmon/Etc, but I’m a Hog for Chickin……I will order and fall just shy of gluttony, just because I’m a Christian and an American, hungry, socially active, and an idiot……America, Eat it while you can…….:)

    • I don’t care for the boycotts either but believe we need to stand with the purveyors of a great sandwich against the tyranny of the goofies.

  3. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you. I wrote a piece on this subject yesterday.

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