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I’m trying to be selective with blog postings that are political in nature. I  do for this a number of reasons.

Rice speaks with Russian President Vladimir Pu...

Condi: I do not trust you Vladimir. Vlad: I know, but have seen me without my shirt?  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) While politics interests me, politics do not necessarily interest my all readers. I prefer a more broad appeal over the narrower.

2) Even people who are interested in politics are sick of it and burnt out. I get like that some times and need to spend less time aggravated.

3) There are better blogs than mine that do better with the relevant issues and those blogs are easy to find. One day I’ll add a links page to the ones I like.

4) Frankly, I get a lot of material from other bloggers and websites and much deserves to be reblogged but then that would limit Stuff That Interests Me and my other interests. My goal has always been to write about what I felt like writing about, thus, I have lots of categories, probably too many.

Having said all that someone sent me the below video. It has to do with President Obama and Putin’s second fiddle, Dmitry Medevev. The mic was open and our President said some things to Dmitry that should give us concern.

As of late Obama’s open mic revelation has dropped from the radar, no doubt because the main stream media has dropped it.  But as we approach the election we should not forget that the “international” Obama is just as big a disaster for our country as the “national” Obama.

I am so buff,

I do want to say something about Putin, the unseen star of the video. I admire the guy in one sense. With Putin, there is no guessing where he is coming from. He’s  a former KGB guy who acts like whatever KGB by another name the Russians have now for their secret police. Putin is ultra- nationalist, a type of Czar in my opinion, and what you see is what you get. And you do not see “our pal in Russia.”

I for one don’t like to have to guess where my enemies are coming from so in that sense I can appreciate Putin. He is what he is and proud of it. The Soviet Empire is not dead, it just looks a little different and the new boss is much like the old boss. (Thanks to The Who for that classic line.)

I was in Poland a number of years ago and can tell you first hand, my Polish friends always have an eye to the east, to the west and the Germans, their other historical enemy, not so much. In fact, Germany and Poland are rather friendly, probably because much of Germany also has memories of what it was like under Soviet occupation.

(As  a point aside we can thank President F. Roosevelt for what Churchill rightly called the Iron Curtain. Churchill was right, Roosevelt wrong. Roosevelt trusted Stalin if you can believe it.)

Vladimir Putin - Caricature

Trust me Mr. Obama Vladimir Putin – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Our President on the other hand is rather different from Vladimir Putin. Obama likes to vote “absent” so he does not have to be on record. Yet, it appears in the video he is making some sort of promise to Putin via Dmitry. Wouldn’t you love to know exactly what that was all about?

I’d like to believe that President Obama is calling in the massive lend-lease debt Russia owes us for helping them push out the Nazis in WW2. After all, we could use that to pay our Red Chinese creditors. Ha, fat chance.

It would appear that President Obama trusts Putin just as Roosevelt trusted Stalin. Bad plan, Mr. President. If Putin told me the sky was blue today I’d want four verifications and then I’d go outside to check for myself.

The video is well done and takes only a minute. Highly recommended by Stuff That Interests Me.


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