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I did a post on Company G, 1st USSS. The company was recruited in Wisconsin. I received this ping back and this blog is well worth a read and a look if you are interested in all things Berdan’s Sharpshooters.

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“Ravenous, the gods of war demanded men- lots of men. Northern armies were at first manned solely by volunteers, with each state assigned a quota based on population. But in 1863, after volunteering had slackened off, Congress passed a federal conscription law for the first time on a nationwide scale in the United States.” ~The American Pageant, 9th edition, Thomas A. Bailey and David M. Kennedy


The sign says:

Col. Berdan’s Regiment.

Sharp – Shooters!

30 more Respectable Men Wanted to Complete

Captain J.H. Baker’s Company!-The famous company “C” of Michigan

Many are called but few are chosen!

This company consists of gentlemanly men-none other need apply- as it is the “Crack Regiment” in the Army of the Potomac & “home” of the famous “California Joe”!!


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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and re-posting of my blog entry today. I appreciate it very much.

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