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I’m sorry, but this is funny. Found it while researching for a Bible class I’m doing later this summer.

“In the War Between the States the Army of the Cumberland surprised Confederate defenders (and their own officers!) by scrambling up Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga) and overrunning the enemy’s strong position. When Major General Phil Sheridan arrived at the top he leaped on to one of the just captured cannons, twirled his cap and ‘rode’ the gun like a horse. One of Sheridan’s brigadier generals, Charles Harker, noted Sheridan’s antics and decided he could horse around too. Harker leaped astride a another cannon and felt instant regret. Apparently his cannon had been fired more frequently and recently than Sheridan’s and it burned Harker’s backside so badly he could not sit in the saddle of his horse for two weeks.” Dale Ralph Davies, The Wisdom of Folly, An Exposition of the Book of 1 Kings, citing Clint Johnson, Civil War Blunders (Winston-Salem, NC:John F. Blair, 1997)

The Battle Above The Clouds

The Battle Above The Clouds (Photo credit: falling water123) Morale of the story-don’t sit on a hot cannon.

Who says Bible class prep work can’t be fun?

I’ve actually visited this battlefield. It’s sometimes called The Battle Above the Clouds for obvious reasons.

As side note one Arthur MacArthur of the 24th Wisconsin Infantry inspired his regiment during the engagement by grabbing his regiment’s flag and shouting “On Wisconsin.” For his gallantry the 18-year-old MacArthur won the Medal of Honor.

Arthur MacArthur was the father of Douglas MacArthur the famous WW2 and post-war general.

Great link to other Civil War Wisconsin Monuments

24th Wisconsin Monument, Chickamauga Battlefield.


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