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My Mom was an American Indian, not.

As a child in the sixties I used to ask my pretty mom how old she was. I don’t know why an six-year-old would need to know that but for some reason I wanted to know. Mom would always reply with a smile on her face that she was twenty-six. By the time I was ten I figured out she had been twenty-six for about 3-4 years.

Mom was playful that way.

Like a lot of little boys in the late fifties and early sixties I was into playing Cowboys and Indians. I don’t remember much of that except through the pictures mom took of me running around the backyard and house in my cowboy hat, six-guns with holster and wooden rifle my father made for me. I was forever saving the wagon train from imaginary angry Indians.

Yeah, I had bags of these guys too!

While I do not remember the playing I do remember my mom telling me with a smile on her face that she was part Indian.

We lived in Milwaukee and mom was from “up north.” In Wisconsin “up north” means anything north of Fond du Lac and anything north of Fond du Lac was almost Canada which everyone knew was covered with forest filled with Indians. So when mom told me she was part-Indian and I knew she was from “up north” it made perfect sense that mom probably grew up in a teepee in the north woods of Wisconsin. At least it made sense to a child obsessed with Cowboys and Indians and who thought it pretty cool his mom was part-Indian.

Well, mom was not part-Indian. She was playfully indulging my childhood notions since I thought being part-Indian was very cool and she knew it. I suspect she told me the truth when I started to brag to my neighborhood friends that my mom was part-Indian and from “up north” and lived in a teepee. (turned out she was of German-Polish ancestry which was kind of a let down after being part-Indian)

This all came to my mind again because of this stupid Elizabeth Warren bru-ha-ha. Is bru-ha-ha an Indian word? Sounds like it.

For my readers in Europe who may not be following this story this is who Elizabeth Warren is according to Wiki:

Elizabeth Warren is an American bankruptcy law expert, policy advocate, Harvard Law School professor, and Democratic Party candidate in the 2012 United States Senate election in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth is also an unrepentant liar. Elizabeth has claimed she is part-American Indian, Cherokee, to be exact. Apparently, some relative told her long ago that she was part-Cherokee and that was good enough for her to claim minority status and use it to get into Harvard. In other words she worked the part-Indian thing to her great advantage in the politically correct liberal establishment.


The real Cherokees will have nothing of Warren’s claims.

Elizabeth Warren Award

The facts do not bear out Warren’s claim of being 1/32 Cherokee. That’s right, 1/32, not enough to get a share in a casino but enough to get into Harvard without having to prove it.

Twila Barnes, a spokesperson for real Cherokees said this:

I would like to meet with Ms. Warren, in person, and explain why her false claim of Cherokee ancestry is an issue. She can ignore the questions of a reporter, but can she ignore the questions of a real Cherokee? 

Though our ancestors suffered, they also overcame and thrived, but they paid a very high price for us to be able to claim our heritage. That heritage belongs to us, and no one else. For Ms. Warren to have claimed that heritage and used it for her own selfish purposes is disrespectful and disgusting.

Unlike my mother who playfully claimed to be part-Indian because her young son thought it cool, Elizabeth Warren has told a bold-face lie for her own selfish purposes that include a run for a US Senate seat.

I am thankful to the Cherokee Nation who called her out on it.


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