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The back story on Paul Revere from a blogger friend of mine.

Map of Time | A Trip Into the Past

We all know who Paul Revere was, how he rode from Boston to Lexington warning Americans of impending danger. In fact it would seem that Revere’s only known activities during the American Revolution was  his famous ride. He did more than that though, playing a considerable part in America’s fight for freedom.

Had it not been for religious persecution that drove Revere’s father, Apollos Rivoire, to Boston, Revere may have never even existed. Apollos was sent to Boston by his father who had trained the boy up in the Protestant faith. Once in the New World Apollos was indentured and apprenticed to a goldsmith. Apollos adapted well to his surrounding, changing his name to Paul Revere and later buying his freedom. He married  Deborah Hitchborn and in 1734 Paul Revere II was born. [From here on up to Apollos’ death, Paul Revere II is referred to as Revere, Jr., and…

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