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Australian Enfield

I was checking out my favorite WW2 picture website and came across the below picture. I posted it because I recently posted a couple of other pictures relating to the Australian armed forces in WW2. This picture is interesting to me because two of the soldiers are armed with the Enfield, the standard rifle issued to British and Commonwealth troops. I have an Enfield in my small collection of WW2 rifles and mine is marked with Australian markings. Next to the picture is the caption posted on the linked website.

Australian Infantry, Tobruk, 1941


Don Company, 2/13th Battalion in action at Tobruk, April 1941. This picture appeared on the front page of the Sydney Sun and was the first picture back of Aussi boys during the 262 day Siege of Tobruk. The man closest to the camera, Private Luck was Killed In Action during the ‘Breakout’ of Tobruk at Ed Duda in November 1941.


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