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“Moderate” Moslem States and Christianity

What do Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya have in common? 1. They are the five countries of Moslem North Africa. 2. Three of the five just experienced a revolution (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia). 3. Four of the five are considered “moderate” Moslem nations. No one knows for sure what will happen in Libya but the […]

Jerusalem-A Battlefield for Centuries

Here’s an interesting link about a Christian artifact found in Jerusalem. It dates to the Byzantine era. The Byzantines (or “Rum” meaning Roman as they called themselves) held Palestine and Jerusalem until 614 A.D. when it fell to the Sassanid Persians.  The Persians (modern Iran) were not Moslems at this time. They practiced a religion […]

Creeping Sharia_Here, There, Everywhere

Stealth Jihad is the name of a book by Robert Spencer. The subtitle to the book is, How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs. The book is endorsed by Robert Bolton (and others) as was a main selection of the Conservative Book Club. Chapter Six is about how Islam expects to be accommodated in cultures that […]

Jesus and the Rich Guys_Part 1

Did Jesus favor the down and out? Did Jesus give preferential treatment to the poor? Would Jesus approve of government sponsored wealth redistribution? Did Jesus think the rich should pay their fair share? What does Scripture say about these things? This is a link to another “what would Jesus do” article. This time it has to […]

Class Envy is not a Virtue

Dennis Prager has written an excellent column illustrating the left’s horrid distortion of social justice. He notes with accuracy why leftists seem so comfortable with the likes of Castro, Chavez, Ortega and other left-wing communists or socialists who in the name of “worker equality” or “income redistribution” or “sticking it to the man”  or  “racial […]

The Constitution is in Danger

My dad served with the 504th Military Police Battalion in occupied Germany from 1945-1946. I remember fondly how he’d share with me some of the experiences he had during his time of service. One of the things he told me more than once was “none of the krauts would admit to being Nazis.” Dad did not wonder […]

Iran and Israel circa 500 B.C.

Modern day Iran is Persian, not Arab as many Americans seem to think. Most people do not know that Persia (modern Iran) was not always Moslem and not always ruled by the current crop of religious fanatics. Persia has one interesting history!  Alexander the Great, prophesied in the Bible (not by name, Dan. 8:20-21) toppled a number of nations […]