Woodrow Wilson, America’s Great War President

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One hundred years ago today World War One began. The President of the US in 1914 was Woodrow Wilson. http://www.rymaszewski.iinet.net.au/3maps.html Woodrow Wilson was a committed Christian from a Presbyterian background. It was not a secret that his faith guided his politics. Wilson’s best known for a couple…

Intermission Stories (18)

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Once we get back into WWII, we will mainly have Pacific Theater information here.  So, during this intermission time, I’ll take this opportunity to include another European Theater story. X-Troop, George Lane is standing, back row center ? Mr. X Meets the Desert Fox George Lane aka: Lanyi Gyorgy British Commando,…

Two brave French aviators – Boelckes 5th victory

Two brave French aviators – Boelckes 5th victory

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This photo turns up in German albums once in a while. It shows a magnificent grave/memorial to/for two French aviators that were killed in action on 16 October 1915. They were shot down by Germany’s first fighter ace Oswald Boelcke, a national hero during the war,…

We Call Him Chesty

In my younger years, conventional parents and teachers encouraged boys and girls to read stories written about famous Americans.  I recall reading about William Penn, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, George Custer, Ulysses Grant, and Robert E. Lee.  They weren’t academically vetted manuscripts, of course —they were intended…

The Hero Who Refused His Medal

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Ola Mize could have stepped right out of a Hollywood movie. Except he was no actor, to put it mildly. He was the real deal. Mize came from the humblest of backgrounds and went on to become one of his nation’s great heroes. Despite the adulation showered on him, he remained an…

Wars and Rumors of Wars

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I don’t know why anyone is surprised that Russia has gobbled up the Crimea. Just because Russia is not officially communist anymore does not mean they do not have national ambitions for territory. It amazes me that our current President seems to think that making statements about…

The Destruction of Herod’s Temple

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The picture of the coin is from a historical\archaeological blog I subscribe too. The coin is called a Bar Kockhba coin. Bar Kockhba led a Jewish revolt against the Romans (reign of Hadrian) in 132-136 A.D. The Romans won and the result was many Jews were disbursed…

John Haslet, killed in action at Princeton

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Colonel John Haslet was an American clergyman and soldier from Milford, in Kent County, Delaware. He was a veteran of the French and Indian War and an officer of the Continental Army in the American Revolution, serving as the first Colonel of the 1st Delaware Regiment. He was…

Obama Crosses the Rubicon

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I believe that the founders of our country had a measure of genius and most of that came from being keen observers of the past. They were educated men with a grasp of history as well as students of government of states long ago that had passed…

General Butt-Naked or General Preacher?

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I admit that the title of this blog post is an attention grabber but it’s not sensationalism or something I made up.  The General’s nick-name when he was a Liberian warlord was General Butt-Naked and now he’s a preacher. Liberia is a tiny country on the western…


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