A Sailor, his girlfriend and the Great White Fleet, c. 1910

A Sailor, his girlfriend and the Great White Fleet, c. 1910

Of the five post cards I walked away with from the antique store in Indiana I found this one the most interesting. First of all the artwork is fantastic. The colors are still stunning even though the card is postmarked February 23, 1910! The edging of the card is a metallic gold. My scan does […]

Captain Storm 1965

Captain Storm 1965

I found this Captain Storm comic at a rummage sale for $1.25. I didn’t bargain. The date is 1965 and I would have been 12 and still into comic books like Sgt. Rock and Easy Company, Captain Johnny Cloud and his P-51 Mustang and Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos as well as other WW2 […]

Glen Miller and the Women’s Army Corp

Glen Miller and the Women’s Army Corp

A recent FB post that mentioned the USO prompted me to go to You Tube and research Captain Glen Miller. Glen Miller was probably the best known Big Band leader in the US when the US entered WW2. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps and used his considerable talents to build morale among the […]

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

One of the “fun” aspects in paging through wartime magazines like the Picture Post is reading the advertisements. Many have a wartime flavor to them which is no surprise. But what is interesting to me is the sacrifice being made to win the war. We think it’s a hardship to run out of coffee when […]

US Navy’s Rat Patrol

When my wife and I visited the Russell Road Military Museum I found a number of vehicles that I could not immediately identify. One of them was what appeared to be a dune buggy with US Navy markings. I wondered what possible use could the US Navy have for these small vehicles. They looked like […]

Found: 12 Copies of Yank Magazine

Recently I found 12 Yank Magazines (The Army Weekly) in an antique mall. The price was reasonable and I purchased all twelve having not seen a single issue in any antique mall in all of our stops over the years. (Most antique malls seem to cater to girlie stuff which says something about who spends […]

Puff the Magic Dragon

My pastor friend is heading out to Brazil today to teach a two-week seminary course on The Pentateuch. He has a sense of humor and while waiting at the Milwaukee airport he messaged on FB, “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.” The line immediately took me back to […]

Dogfight and Ace Patrol

My dad is probably the main person responsible for my interest in history. During the sixties when I was about ten he purchased three games put out by Milton Bradley that were called the American Heritage Series. One of the games dealt with the American Civil War and was titled Battle Cry. Another dealt with […]

Oh, Oh, Toy Soldiers with Guns

I confess to being just a little steamed. I just read where some hair-brained school administrator in Michigan stricken with the horrifying disease of liberal wussification did not allow some little boy to put toy soldiers on the cup cakes he brought to school. Why may you ask? Well, toy soldiers have guns and guns […]

A Christmas Gift from Grandpa 1961

My grandfather died when I was only nine. He was fifty-nine. My memories of him are all pleasant. He was a kind man and I remember fondly sitting on his lap with my younger sister. We’d ask him for ice cream because our step-grandmother was a bit mean in our eyes and grandpa was the […]


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