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Holocaust Remembrance Day_Ideas Matter

Holocaust Remembrance Day_Ideas Matter

Yesterday Holocaust Remembrance Day began and it ends tonight. This link will take to you the history of the day as well as 20 facts associated with the Holocaust. Even a quick read will illustrate the magnitude of what the Holocaust was. I was reminded of Holocaust Remembrance Day by an article in the New […]

US Threatens Denmark

US Threatens Denmark

As the world now knows the Danish PM, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, shamelessly enticed President Barack Obama and British PM David Cameron at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Upon his return to the US the President ordered US warships to the North Sea to threaten the Copenhagen government and have it turn over their flirtatious PM to […]

Heh, I’m pretty sure Oswald was a Marxist

I was ten the day Kennedy was assassinated. I remember the day and following days clearly. I was in fifth grade at a Catholic school when the Mother Superior came on the public address system (know to us the PA!). She informed us what happened and our teacher dragged out the TV and turned it […]

Poison Gas and Syria

Recently I toured the National Museum of World War One in Kansas City, Missouri. It was a grim reminder that poison gas was first used in the conflict to break the trench warfare stalemate. This link to Wiki shows the interesting and tragic use of poison gas during that war and what it meant in […]

The Most Powerful Warships of Today

The UK’s Telegraph ran the following picture story: The World’s Largest and Most Powerful Destroyers and Aircraft Carriers. The impetus for the article appears to be the recent news that Japan recently launched its first aircraft carrier since the end of World War 2. The ship is marketed as a “destroyer” to fit into Japan’s […]

The Medium is the Message

Interesting article today popped up on Drudge that linked to The Holly Reporter. The article gave information as to how Hollywood helped Hitler and the Nazis after the Nazis rise to power in 1933 The “little story” is how for business purposes Hollywood caved to Nazi pressure to show Nazism (and Germany) in a favorable […]


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