Scotland the Brave_a Tribute

Scotland the Brave_a Tribute

As a “Yank” I’ve never had a horse in the race regarding the movement for Scottish Independence from the UK. Frankly, I’ve never understood the argument from the secessionists but certainly have recognized the “William Wallace” pride associated with being Scottish. Soooo, it has seemed to me that the two countries are better off with […]

1st Royal Scots Pipes and Drums 1890s

1st Royal Scots Pipes and Drums 1890s

Here’s another postcard that caught my eye at the antique shop. It’s a print of the Pipe and Drum contingent of the 1st Royal Scots, the oldest regiment in the British Army. The publisher was Valentine and Sons. Valentine and Sons were Victorian era publishers of postcards and grew to be Scotland’s largest. The uniforms […]

A Sailor, his girlfriend and the Great White Fleet, c. 1910

A Sailor, his girlfriend and the Great White Fleet, c. 1910

Of the five post cards I walked away with from the antique store in Indiana I found this one the most interesting. First of all the artwork is fantastic. The colors are still stunning even though the card is postmarked February 23, 1910! The edging of the card is a metallic gold. My scan does […]

My Browning “Luftwaffe” 9mm

My dad was a bit of gun collector in his later years. One day he came home with a 9mm Browning Hi-power handgun and an unusual story. He told me that Browning had a factory in Belgium (FN) and licensed their Browning guns to the various European powers before WW2. (The Hi-Power has been used […]

Fallschirmjager and a CV-35

I like to find the odd ball and lesser known unit and equipment types of the Second World War. I came across the second picture in an online German magazine. The man pointing is a German Fallschirmjager The caption reads Wehrmacht in Rome in 1943. When the Italians surrendered to the Allies in September of […]

Classic Bolt Action Rifle_Lee-Enfield

I have a number of WW2 rifles in a collection I inherited from my dad. Our goal was to collect one rifle from each belligerent but he passed away before we could collect them all. However, he did find some nice pieces. The first one I’ll highlight is the British Enfield. This rifle was the […]

Panzer Corp Turn 5

The situation on turn five. The French have fallen back from the frontier after taking heavy loses. They have regrouped and launched a serious counter-attack around Paris nearly over-running an exposed artillery unit. I counter-attacked the counter-attack and have attempted to slow their advance with 3 Luftwaffe air strikes. My offensive along the coast is […]


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