Who was Bar-Kokhba?

Who was Bar-Kokhba?

The Jews fought two major wars against their Roman occupiers. The First Jewish War ended in 70 AD when the Roman General Titus stormed Jerusalem and destroyed what is known as the Second Temple. The temple’s destruction fulfilled what Jesus had prophesied in Matthew 24:1-2. The Second Jewish War was fought during the reign of […]

A Coal War in West Virginia circa 1921

A Coal War in West Virginia circa 1921

A few years ago my wife and I traveled to Virginia for our wedding anniversary. Our destination was the beautiful Shenandoah Valley but to get there we had to travel through another beautiful area, the mountains of West Virginia. West Virginia is coal country. The people (not those struck down by poverty and lack of […]

Wisconsin National Guard Behaving Badly

Wisconsin National Guard Behaving Badly

My dad was proud of military service in WW2. Before he passed away he asked me to get an honor guard for his funeral which I did when he died in 2006. The men that showed up to fire the salute and hand me the flag were professional and courteous. The squad leader gave me […]

Julian the Apostate_Gods and Legions

Gods and Legions is about a late Roman Emperor by the name of Julian. He was a bit of a military genius and won a smashing victory against the Alamanni (A Germanic super-tribe) invading Gaul in 357 A.D. while heavily outnumbered. Julian was also a bit of an anomaly. He reversed the Roman State religion […]

A few thoughts on the Six-Day-War

I was fourteen-years old and in the hospital. I had fallen in a cement culvert while walking across a plank. I never said I was all that coordinated! I broke my left arm shattering the elbow in five places. A surgery was required to fix the arm. To this day I retain one of the […]

Old English Lord’s Prayer (Anglo-Saxon)

The Lord’s Prayer in Old English Related articles OLD ENGLISH: Battle of Brunanburh Poem (937 AD) (

Lindisfarne Gospels and Vikings

In the History Channel’s new series on the Vikings there is an episode where the Vikings raid the Island of Lindisfarne, a small island off of England’s Northumbrian coast. The raid is thought to be the beginning of Viking adventures on England, Scotland, Ireland, France and just about everywhere else their longships could carry them. […]

The Cottingley Fairies Hoax

Shameless blurb for my other blog titled Church, State, Faith and Culture. This entry is titled Snow Angels, Fairies and the Supernatural

Yet Another Shameless blurb

Link to Part Two of Buy a sword, said Jesus. My other blog titled Church, State, Faith and Culture.

The Siege of Svigetvar_Hapsburg vs Ottoman 1566

Military History has many examples of where the few stood against the many. The few often paying the ultimate price and dying to the last man. Perhaps the most famous few against the many is the 300 hundred Spartans and 700 Thespians facing thousands of Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC. But the other day […]


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