A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

A Brief History of the American_British Alliance

I’m not a particular fan of Twitter. I guess I don’t like counting characters. One of the things I do like is the incredible array of historical pictures one can find there through your follows. This one below popped up in my feed today. The picture symbolizes (to me anyway) the alliance the US and […]

The Red Baron_Movie Review

The Red Baron_Movie Review

We have Netflix and in my queue I have a lot of war movies. I keep them there in reserve so-to-speak for when my wife wants to watch something I have zero interest in. I can then break open the laptop put the head phones on and take a chance on a war movie I […]

Decemer 7th, 1917…American Declares War on Who?

Decemer 7th, 1917…American Declares War on Who?

I read the other day that on December 7th, 1917 the US declared war on Austria-Hungry. I did not know that and noted the December 7th irony because that’s  the day the US declared war on the Empire of Japan in 1941 following Pearl Harbor. I guess the declaration of war on Austria-Hungary is a […]

Poison Gas and Syria

Recently I toured the National Museum of World War One in Kansas City, Missouri. It was a grim reminder that poison gas was first used in the conflict to break the trench warfare stalemate. This link to Wiki shows the interesting and tragic use of poison gas during that war and what it meant in […]

World War One Postcards

I picked up a couple of postcards at an antique shop. Both have WW1 themes and I found that rare in my limited experience. Both have obvious mistakes. Here they are: The first postcard features American soldiers with their distinctive campaign hats practicing with a “Maxium Machine Gun.” The Small Arms Defense Journal indicates that […]

The First Warplanes by William E. Barrett

Frank Luke of Arizona was the most spectacular and controversial figure in the U.S.A.S. He was assigned to the 27th Aero Squadron on July 26, 1918. He had the reputation as a superb pilot in the schools and in the ferrying service to which he was first assigned, but he had a long A.W.O.L. record. […]

The Art in Money (Imperial German Reichsmark)

I don’t collect money except for a few odds and ends but I found this bank-note interesting. I found it in a local antique mall and paid $7.00 for it. It’s a 20 Mark note (about $4.00 US dollars in 1914) from Imperial Germany dated February, 1914, about 6 months before the start of World […]

Dogfight and Ace Patrol

My dad is probably the main person responsible for my interest in history. During the sixties when I was about ten he purchased three games put out by Milton Bradley that were called the American Heritage Series. One of the games dealt with the American Civil War and was titled Battle Cry. Another dealt with […]

The Kaiser’s Pirate Ship – The Astounding Voyage of the SMS Emden

The Kaiser’s Pirate Ship – The Astounding Voyage of the SMS Emden.

The First World War in the East

I’ve read little about World War One and the little I’ve read has been around American involvement that began in April, 1917 when America entered the war on the side of France, Britain and the Commonwealth countries. But the fact is the war had been going on since August, 1914 and all sides, Allied powers […]


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