Let’s Revisit the Crusades_God’s Battalions by Rodney Stark

Let’s Revisit the Crusades_God’s Battalions by Rodney Stark

I remember watching Hollywood’s epic production of the Kingdom of Heaven and wondering just how much was factual especially when it came to the much noted chivalry of Saladin. Was he really the very picture of the western knight in eastern garb and were the Templar’s as bad as the movie made them out to […]

Decemer 7th, 1917…American Declares War on Who?

Decemer 7th, 1917…American Declares War on Who?

I read the other day that on December 7th, 1917 the US declared war on Austria-Hungry. I did not know that and noted the December 7th irony because that’s  the day the US declared war on the Empire of Japan in 1941 following Pearl Harbor. I guess the declaration of war on Austria-Hungary is a […]

Colloborators, Snipers and 88s! Yank Magazine_July 16th 1944

Yank Magazine, July 16th 1944 British Edition Feature: With the Forward Battalion  by Sgt. Walter Peters, Yank Staff Correspondent There were four days on the road to Cherbourg when everything seemed to happen-catching spies, hunting snipers, ducking the “incoming mail” and generally fighting a tough war.” Heading paragraph The first vignette Sgt. Peters discusses has […]

Spot the Error WW2 Geeks

I’ve watched this great video a number of times and didn’t catch the error. The video is titled Massive German Counterattack at Anzio on YouTube and for the most part looks like  scenes are from the Italian Front if not Anzio in particular. But, I’m feeling a little smug right now because at 3:10 or […]

Uncle Bill’s Cold War Cruiser

Sometimes when you did through family history pictures you get a surprise. My Uncle Bill (William Zoromski), whom I had only met a couple of times once when I was 6 and another time when I was sixteen, reportedly served on the USS Providence, a guided missile cruiser that I supposedly toured in 1959 when […]

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

Picture Post Ads 1943_Wartime Rationing

One of the “fun” aspects in paging through wartime magazines like the Picture Post is reading the advertisements. Many have a wartime flavor to them which is no surprise. But what is interesting to me is the sacrifice being made to win the war. We think it’s a hardship to run out of coffee when […]

Picture Post 1943_Auxiliary Territorial Service

It’s always fun to find something history related that you don’t know anything or much about-at least it is for me! Such was the case when my wife and visited an antique mall in Tomah, Wisconsin. One vendor had a massive amount of paper products, mostly old magazines and ads. One bin was marked “military” […]

New Guinea Warning to take your Atabrine

I came across this picture and it reminded me of wife’s late father’s memories of New Guinea. He served in New Guinea in late 1943, early 44 if memory serves me. He told about playing cards with the Aussies and serving in an Army hospital as a tech. While there he contracted dengue fever that […]

US Navy’s Rat Patrol

When my wife and I visited the Russell Road Military Museum I found a number of vehicles that I could not immediately identify. One of them was what appeared to be a dune buggy with US Navy markings. I wondered what possible use could the US Navy have for these small vehicles. They looked like […]


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