The Burning of the White House and the Star Spangled Banner

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On 2 June 1814, 2,500 men from Wellington’s army under the command of Major General Robert Ross, like many of his men a Peninsular War veteran, left Bordeaux, arriving at Bermuda on 25 July. Another battalion of 900 men was then added to Ross’s force. Ross’s force and its…

Doughboys Arrive in Great Britain 1917

The US entered World War One in April of 1917 but it would take a year before the doughboys arrived in numbers to make a difference in France. At the start of the war the US Army was tiny but by the end of hostilities on November 11th, 1918 over 4 million men had volunteered […]

Lundy’s Lane and the Niagara Front in 1814

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Major General Jacob Brown, commanding the US Left Division, failed to follow up the US victory at Chippawa on 5 July The Niagara Front Source:,_1869.jpg 1812. He allowed the defeated British, commanded by Major General Phineas Riall, to retreat to Fort George near the mouth of the River…

Beyond Redemption? Part 2 Nuremberg

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I recently finished author Tim Townsend’s Mission at Nuremberg-An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis. During the reading of the book a flood of Scripture came to my mind in the different sections of the book. Some were the Scriptures quoted in the book…

Beyond Redemption? Part 1

Originally posted on Church, State, Faith and Culture:
This is part one of a series derived from my reading of Mission at Nuremberg, An American Army Chaplain and the Trial of the Nazis by Tim Townsend.  For those with an interest in theology and history I cannot recommend this book enough. To say that it is…

Australian searchers may have located long-lost submarine

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The latest effort to locate the Australian submarine HMAS AE1, lost 100 years ago this month, have proved tantalizing but inconclusive so far. Earlier this month an Australian navy vessel searching for the submarine, which went missing Sept. 14, 1914, with 35 men on board, reported “a contact…

Scotland the Brave_a Tribute

Scotland the Brave_a Tribute

As a “Yank” I’ve never had a horse in the race regarding the movement for Scottish Independence from the UK. Frankly, I’ve never understood the argument from the secessionists but certainly have recognized the “William Wallace” pride associated with being Scottish. Soooo, it has seemed to me that the two countries are better off with […]


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