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The Constitution is in Danger

My dad served with the 504th Military Police Battalion in occupied Germany from 1945-1946. I remember fondly how he’d share with me some of the experiences he had during his time of service. One of the things he told me more than once was “none of the krauts would admit to being Nazis.”

Dad did not wonder why. Why no one would admit to being a Nazi is obvious. The Nazis lost and repercussions were on the way (Nuremberg); repercussions that were especially severe if you found yourself within the eastern zone of occupation administrated by the Soviets.

How the Nazis could lead a civilized country like Germany into the horrors of pre-WW2 and WW2 itself are complex but certainly it is key to understand that Hitler was freely elected. From then on it was an accelerated process whereby the laws of the Weimar Republic were replaced by Nazi laws that were consistent with the Nazi agenda.

The bulk of Germans seem to have been more concerned with the restoration of national pride following WW1 than they were worrying about the evolving dictatorship of the Nazis. In other words German national pride was more important to them than protecting the fledgling Weimar democracy. The depression factored into it as well and it was particularly severe in Germany. One thing does seem clear and that is how a relatively small minority could change the constitution of a civilized nation with the outright collaboration and acquiescence of the people because they believed it served their own best interests to do so.

I think this is what is happening in our own country. I believe that in our country our Constitution is being undermined by an extreme left-wing minority and the ignorant.

The minority is the left-leaning politicians (and their supporters like Soros and Michael Moore) that make political hay by appealing to self-interest rather than national interest.

The President is complicit by appealing to self-interest by placing his sympathies with the OWS crowd. Their demands or goals regardless of how vague they may be are usually stated in terms of gross self-interest.

“Pay for my education.”

“Redistribute wealth.”

“People before Profits.” (whatever the hec that means)

The web is full of examples of the OWS crowd whining their way into the nightly news and yet they gather sympathy from Democrat politicians anxious to give them moral support in order to buy their vote.

It is true there are flaws in the system but it’s nothing that personal responsibility and some genuine accountability could not fix. The country was founded on the principle of checks and balances in government but more and more it seems that the left wants to do away with checks and balances.

Left-leaning politicians really do not want to fix it as much as they want to replace it with their vision of a western Europe style socialist state like Greece (to cite the poster child dysfunctional nation of a bad idea). Hence, the constant rhetoric of class warfare and favoritism shown to the left’s special interests (unions, public and private and ironically Wall Street which gave more money to Obama than Republicans).

The ignorant are those who do not appreciate American exceptionalism nor the Constitution. Personally, I think that much of that comes from a public school education that for the last 50 years has been the ally of the left and of a socialist agenda. Public education often portrays America as the bad guys. You see this attitude reflected in how Obama goes around apologizing for our country.

Recently a young man I barely knew but was visiting us and he made a remark that communism was great, but Stalin made it bad, because the young man had to admit that Stalin murdered millions.

I was incredulous and wondered how this young man could so easily separate communism from the likes of Stalin. It would be like separating Hitler and Nazism, implying some good in Hitler and Nazism and ignoring the holocaust and the carrying out of Nazi policy!

But rather than press him on the matter I asked him what he learned about our country during his high school education (he did not have college which is probably good since the experience would have probably enhanced his love affair with Marxism).

The young man admitted to me, he did not learn very much. He vaguely remembered a history class but had no memory of an American Government class at all. As a result he had no clue as to what checks and balances meant but continued to think that Marxism is the answer to America’s problems. (And what he meant was the redistribution of wealth to himself and yes he was in a union and already made a decent wage)

The so-called OWS movement makes me wonder just how common the young man’s views are. Like the majority of the Germans prior to WW2 the OWS are more interested in their own self interests more than they are in preserving our Constitution or of even learning how their own government is supposed to work.

My dad was right. None of the krauts would admit to being Nazis and perhaps for many that was true. What was also true about the many is that they collaborated with the Nazis and were acquiescent to Nazi policy (the exception being the tiny German resistance movement of which Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a part).

I think that what we have going on here is similar. The left will continue to lead those by appealing to self-interest at the expense of national interest. Their allies and the ignorant will follow. Obama is not Hitler. Let me repeat that lest I be accused of an improper comparison. Obama, like Hitler was freely elected just as any other of our Presidents. His leadership panders to some type of Marxism. We can only hope that Americans wake up and try to make some attempt to understand what our country was founded on before we wake up one day and find out we’re all Marxists.

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